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GATEWAY is a Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) funded programme for senior secondary
school students.

It provides opportunities for students to work alongside mentors in real workplaces and have that learning integrated with their wider courses of study. This will help students explore, in a very practical way and within a six month period, the career path they are interested in.

  • Schools are able to offer a wide range of opportunities to their students
  • Connexis has Gateway Programmes for each Industry we service that hold level 2 and 3 unit standards that can be registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF)
  • Students are able to complete NCEA Level 2 or Level 3, using industry unit standards, and those credits can also be credited towards a nationally recognised industry qualification
  • Students gain valuable work experience and the opportunity to increase their understanding of working as well as that specific industry
  • The benefit of gaining practical skills in a workplace environment while completing NCEA qualification
  • Through industry participation, students have a greater awareness of opportunities within   the infrastructure industries.
Unit standards reflect work practices and LEAD TO DIPLOMAS
Students entering the Connexis Gateway programme have specifically chosen Industry Specific unit standards relevant to their field of choice. The units reflect work practices and technical principles within the infrastructure industry and form part of a New Zealand Certificate or Diploma offered by Connexis. As such, they are a solid foundation for students who wish to pursue a career in infrastructure. 

Connexis understands that the Gateway Programme is an opportunity for students from Year 11 and above to access a structured workplace learning while completing a NCEA qualification.  We have tailor-made our gateway programmes; each unit standard has been specifically chosen by specialists from that industry, ensuring that they are the best unit standard for year 11 and above students.

All of our programmes that we offer have at least 20 credits and have four core ‘soft skill’ unit standards and then industry specific unit standards.

We currently have a Electrical Supply, Civil Infrastructure Telecommunications and Water Gateway Programmes AVAILABLE NOW!

Click on the below links:

               Connexis Gateway Programme Civil - Order Form

               Connexis Gateway Programme Electrical - Order Form

               Connexis Gateway Programme Telecommunications - Order Form

               Connexis Gateway Programme Water - Order Form

Schools should ideally be accredited to deliver and assess non-industry unit standards specified below.To apply for accreditation, schools should contact NZQA.  

FOR MORE INFORMATION, TAKE A LOOK AT OUR GATEWAY PROGRAMME INFORMATION BROCHURE Or please email careers@connexis.org.nz or call us on 0800 486 626 for further information.

To identify possible employers for work placements, see our list of member companies.