Energy qualifications under development

Qualifications under review

The following Qualifications are currently under review/development by the stakeholder groups and will be out for wider consultation shortly.  If you would like to be added to the stakeholder group for any of these please contact specifying which qualification you are interested in.

  • NZC in Project Management – Level 4*
  • NZD in Business – Level 5*
  • NZC in Workplace Health and Safety Practice – Level 3 & 4*
  • NZC in Wind Farm Technician – Level 4

* These qualifications are under development/have been developed by an external Standard Setting Body. Connexis is developing an infrastructure programme to sit within these qualifications.

Qualifications under consultation

The following qualifications are available for consultation:

  • Workplace HS Practise – Level 3

Please visit the Civil qualifications under development page to view more information

Programme delivery under development

If you are interested in contributing or staying updated with the delivery development of these qualifications please contact: with the qualification you are interested in.

  • NZC in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) – Level 3
  • NZC in Business (First Line Management) – Level 4
  • NZ Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering Theory & Practice – Level 4
  • NZC in Electricity Supply (Power Technician) – Level 5
  • NZC in Electricity Supply (Operation) – Level 4
  • NZC in Electricity Supply Network Control – Level 4