Annual Connection Hosted Sessions

We are pleased to invite you to register for special hosted sessions at Annual Connection 2019. During these sessions we will have hosts available to greet you, advise you of what is happening the in the Line Mechanic and Cable Jointer arenas, introduce you to any key supplier contacts and see first hand demonstrations of new technology influencing the industry – reconnect with industry contacts and build new connections.

Come along and be part of the excitement in watching New Zealand and Australian crews compete against each other to win the coveted naming rights as top crew and cable jointer for 2019.

Attend the Tuesday morning session for the official opening of the competitions and watch the teams compete in the always entertaining “Ice Breaker Event!”

Hosted Sessions:

  • Official Opening Tuesday 24th 7.30am 
  • Tuesday 24th 12.00pm
  • Wednesday 25th 8.30am
  • Wednesday 25th 12.00pm
  • Thursday 26th 8.30am
  • Thursday 26th 12.00pm

For any queries please contact Charlotte Wood on or 027 372 5015.

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