Energy Qualification, Programme and Unit Standard Reviews

The following Qualifications, Programmes and/or Unit Standards are currently under review by the Industry Reference Groups groups. We appreciate feedback on these as it helps us ensure these are fit for industry purpose.

If you would like to be added to the stakeholder group for any of these please email specifying which review you are interested in.


Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Level 4)

Line Mechanic Distribution 

Traction Line Mechanic – Review Closed

Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Level 4)

Connexis has reviewed the programme that leads to the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory and Practice (Trade) (Level 4). 

Feedback indicated there is insufficient focus on Electricity Supply in the programme.  The Reference Group recommended the addition of a strand in Electricity Supply to the qualification so that trainees can provide evidence from their day-to-day workplace activities. 

Connexis is seeking the support of industry for this change.

Connexis needs evidence that the ES industry wants this change.  If you support the recommendation, or have questions about the review, please contact Michele Miller, phone 04 901 2320. 

Line Mechanic Distribution (Level 4)

The New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply (Line Mechanic Distribution) (Level 4) has been reviewed.  The review summary and the Reference Group meeting minutes are now available.   

The Reference Group made several recommendations for change to the qualification and the programme.  The changes are outlined, with explanations, in version 2 of the qualification and a list of unit standards. 

If you support these recommendations, or have further suggestions, please contact Michele Miller on, phone 04 901 2320. 

Traction Line Mechanic (Level 4) – Review Closed

Welcome to the consultation phase for the Connexis Programme NZ Certificate in Electricity Supply (Traction Line Mechanic) (Level 4) (Credits 130).

Feedback required

Connexis would like your feedback to help ensure this New Zealand Certificate is fit for purpose.

Consultation phase



Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. A summary report of this is available – click ‘view summary report’.

For further feedback please contact:

  • Email
  • Phone 021 799 885.