Girls With Hi-Vis®

Tossing up a career in trade, or keen to get a taste of what working in the Infrastructure industry is like? Girls with Hi-Vis® is an annual event that allows women to get a hands on experience of the Infrastructure industry. You can head along and check out how the Civil, Energy, Telco and Water industries work and be inspired to join the industry!

The Girls with Hi-Vis® initiative, led by Ultimit – Women in Infrastructure, objective is to raise awareness and increase the number of women working in trade and technical roles in the Infrastructure Industries

GWHV 2020

Girls with Hi-Vis® events will happening again in 2020! With over 450 attendees in 2019, the events were a smashing success.

Companies are now invited to register their interest to host a Girls with Hi-Vis event. For 2020 we will be looking to ensure that we have a representation of events throughout the country and throughout the month of June. There is also the opportunity to combine with another company in your region to host an event to share the commitment and potentially attract a larger number of attendees.

For further company host details please see our FAQ document here.

Any questions please contact us at

KEY Dates

15 February
– Company event host registration closes

29 February
–  Event date and locations announced
 – Registration open to schools

June 2020
GWHV events held across the country

Check out some stories from awesome women in the industry


Why are we doing it?

Females only account for about 6% of employees in the Infrastructure Industries in general – an incredibly low figure given females make up 50% of the population! This means that females are well under represented in the industry. Lets change that!

We believe in having the best people working on New Zealand’s infrastructure, irrespective of gender, and with our current skills shortage, the idea of infrastructure being a “male dominated” industry needs to change.

Why should you take part?

If you:

  • enjoy working with a great bunch of people
  • like practical hands on work
  • like a variety of work
  • want to meet inspirational people

 You will be able to find out what careers there are within our industry, see what our jobs look like, complete fun hands on activities, listen to inspirational stories to give you an insight of what it is like to be involved in our great industry!

Successful Women In Industry

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