boost business with on-job training

how we help with on-job training

Connexis arranges, delivers, supports, and assesses work-based learning for the infrastructure industries of Civil, Energy, Telecommunications, and Water. That means we help up skill the infrastructure workforce.

We set programmes, evaluate assessments, and support employers and learners to obtain nationally-recognised micro-credentials and qualifications through apprenticeships and traineeships.

What are the benefits of on-job training?


Strengthen tenders and contracts by meeting increased demand and compliance requirements with non-priced attributes.


Increase retention through investing in your employees with a clear

career path and the formal recognition for their work and experience.


Ensure best practice and procedures are understood and adhered to through quality training.

ABOUT OUR on-job training

Our tertiary training is nationally recognised through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and mostly delivered on-the-job.  We have arrangements with training providers for off-job learning, and a Learning Management System (LMS) for online learning, and we can coordinate all of this for you. 

We provide a national field team of Customer Service Account Managers (CSAMs) that work with employers to get their team qualified and recognised. This helps companies: 

  • Improve safety practices onsite;  
  • Improve productivity; 
  • Reduce rework; 
  • Have confidence in skill ability of their crews when tendering for projects; 
  • Create a happy and healthy workforce. 

    Our team of CSAMs also provide support to your employees / our learners to ensure their success.  Our team helps learners: 

    • Set clear and reasonable goals to tick off assessments; 
    • Monitor their progress and keep them on track to complete on time; 
    • Gain the on-job experience required by liaising with employers/ training managers; 
    • Find ways around obstacles to progression; 
    • Stay motivated;  
    • Celebrate success! 

      The employer / Connexis partnership

      Local Connexis Customer Service Account Manager's (CSAM's) and companies work together to support and guide trainees through from sign-up to completion.

      Partner with us using the handy regional map of regional contacts, or by utilising the form. Both are found at the bottom of this page.

      STEP 1

      Contact your local Connexis Customer Service Account Manager to discuss qualification details

      STEP 2

      Get your team signed up with a Connexis Training Agreement for selected qualifications or apprenticeships

      STEP 3

      Connexis training resources provided to the trainees

      STEP 4

      Continue to support your employees through their training, with your CSAM regularly stopping in to support and monitor progress

      STEP 5

      Trainees are assessed at stages according to their training plan

      STEP 6

      Time to celebrate your employees' success


        Infrastructure on-job training qualificaitons

        Connexis provides nationally recognised qualifications and programmes across all of the infrastructure sectors; Civil, Energy, Telco and Water.

        Refer to our career pathways to map out your employees' career progression aligned to the available qualifications, from Level 2 through to Level 6.

        Find out more about specific apprenticeships and qualifications by clicking through to our qualification pages.

        General Qualifications

        We offer a number of general qualifications that can be completed across multiple infrastructure industry.

        Go to general qualifications


        Get recognised for your prior knowledge and experience as an infrastructure tradesperson.

        Formally known as Record of Current Competence (RCC), APA recognises your prior skills and knowledge against a nationally recognised trade qualification, reducing the time it takes to complete.

        Through the process you will:

        • Work with a Connexis Customer Service Account Manager (CSAM) to develop a portfolio of evidence
        • Have an Assessor assess your skills and knowledge against the programme outcomes, using a combination of your portfolio, professional conversation, and referees

        This process takes around 6-9 months to complete.