New Zealand's infrastructure industry has a skills gap when it comes to upgrading roading networks, replacing leaky water pipes, maintaining power lines or installing faster broadband technology, to name a few. These jobs are in high-demand, can be a lot of fun, and provide varied career paths…for women just as much as men.

Girls with Hi-Vis® (GWHV) gives female students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, hear from inspirational women in the industry and learn what a career in the infrastructure industries, as well as other important trade sectors, can offer.

This year, GWHV is partnering with EarnLearn and BCITO to deliver specialist trades and construction-focused events, offering more experiences for young females to enjoy and learn from.

Event agendas

View the events for each industry. Registrations are now closed for 2024 events. 

Why attend?

Find out about the trades sector and the career opportunities that exist. You'll get to see what jobs look like, complete fun hands-on activities, listen to inspirational stories.

This is a great event for young women in high school who:

  • enjoy working with a great bunch of people
  • like practical hands-on work
  • like a variety of work
  • like making a positive impact in their community
  • may not know much about the trade sector
  • not sure what to do after school or what career opportunities exist.

Why host a GWHV event?

Make a positive impact in your business and community by introducing female school students to what a career in your industry and company can offer.

Open the door to your entry-roles, internships, gateway programme or apprenticeship.

Why are we doing it?

GWHV is increasing the opportunities for more women in join the sector!

Females only account for about 6% of employees in the Infrastructure Industries in general. This trend can be found in the statistics of many other trade sectors. Let's change that!

How did it begin? - the history of GWHV

Girls with High-Vis is an initiative by Ultimit (part of Industry Training Organisation Connexis). Developed in partnership with industry, the aim is to increase female participation in trade roles in horizontal built infrastructure. The initiative works by giving women the opportunity to spend the day with a local employer to gain some ‘hands on’ experience and find out about career opportunities in the industry.

Girls with Hi-Vis was launched with the Electricity Supply Industry in 2015 and saw over 50 women take part with the support of participating companies - Northpower, Electrix, PowerNet, Meridian Energy, Transfield Services, Genesis Energy and McConnell Dowell. Following the success of our events the initiative expanded into Civil and Water in 2016.

As well as raising awareness of career options in infrastructure trades, one of the key objectives of Girls with Hi-Vis is to build a stronger network of women in infrastructure. This in turn nurtures inclusion, success and sustainability through mentoring and support.

Some stories and advice from awesome women in the industry

  • Kat Kaiwai - Ultimit ambassador Women in Infrastructure
Learn more about the jobs from our ultimit ambassadors here