Girls with Hi-Vis® events are happening across Aotearoa New Zealand in June 2021!

Hosts, dates and locations will be available in due course. 

What is Girls with Hi-Vis®?
Girls with Hi-Vis® (GWHV) gives female school students the opportunity to visit an infrastructure company with their school, get hands-on experience and hear from women in the industry.

This unique opportunity gives young women an understanding about what’s involved in the many and varied roles available to them in infrastructure’s Civil, Energy, Telco and Water industries.

Why host Girls with Hi-Vis®?

Make a positive impact in your business and community by introducing female school students to what a career in your industry and company can offer.

Girls with Hi-Vis® are supported by the Ministry of Education, as part of their endeavour to provide opportunities for young people to connect to the world of work and explore industry-specific careers while in school to enhance their perspectives on vocational education.

Why are we doing it?

GWHV is increasing the opportunities for more women in join the sector!

Females only account for about 6% of employees in the Infrastructure Industries in general – an incredibly low figure given females make up 50% of the population! This means that females are well under represented in the industry. Lets change that!

We believe in having the best people working on New Zealand’s infrastructure, irrespective of gender, and with our current skills shortage, the idea of infrastructure being a “male dominated” industry needs to change.

Why should you take part?

If you:

  • enjoy working with a great bunch of people
  • like practical hands on work
  • like a variety of work
  • want to meet inspirational people

 You will be able to find out what careers there are within our industry, see what our jobs look like, complete fun hands on activities, listen to inspirational stories to give you an insight of what it is like to be involved in our great industry!

Check out some stories from awesome women in the industry