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Connexis is the industry training organisation for New Zealand’s infrastructure industries.
We provide nationally recognised qualifications developed with industry, for industry to help our people skill up and get recognised. The infrastructure industries change rapidly. We are constantly reviewing and updating our qualifications to deliver the ideal blend of industry relevant theory, and real-world practice.

Our mission is to be the NZ ITO of choice for infrastructure employers.
We offer qualifications that count, training that works, and superior service. Our flexible qualifications are suitable for people at all career stages, from entry level through to management. Whether you’re an employer upskilling your team, or you’re already in the industry and want better recognition of your skills, we can help. Find out what we offer below.



A career in Civil Infrastructure is not just meaningful, it’s lucrative. It plays a critical role in New Zealand’s economy and society. Workers play an important role and allow our country to grow.

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The Energy industry is changing at every level. From energy production to access, leading energy players and professionals are faced with big changes and big opportunities.

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Telecommunications allow us to stay connected. With new projects like the new 4G mobile networks and rural broadband initiatives, there is a demand for skilled and qualified workers.

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External factors like climate change and ageing infrastructure are creating new and complex challenges for industry leaders. There is a serious need for new workers to enter the market.

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Infrastructure Workforce Jobsite

Hear from those in the industry. Learn more from those who have done, or doing, the training and what it’s meant for them.

Girls with Hi-Vis

Girls with Hi-Vis®

GWHV creates opportunities for young women to gain exposure to the infrastructure sector while at school.

For companies it’s an opportunity to open their doors for a day to connect with the local community and promote their industry and company.

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Annual Connection
Annual Connection 2020

13-15 October

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Reform of Vocational Education

New Zealand’s approach to Industry Training is changing. The Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE) is in progress at this stage. We will keep you updated on the latest information on RoVE and we encourage you to get involved so we can best voice our industries’ view.