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We are committed to ensuring that all of our trainees receive high quality training and are assessed fairly and consistently against national standards.  We do this by:

  • Developing assessment resources for Connexis managed Unit Standards.
  • Having a robust registration process for our assessors.
  • Pre-assessment moderation of assessment material for Connexis resources and our training providers that deliver our qualifications.
  • Following best practice for moderation.
  • Providing professional development and support for our moderators and assessors.

An assessor makes a judgment on the skills and knowledge of an individual to determine whether they meet the required competencies (unit standards). Some companies have their own in-house assessors, while others use assessors outside their companies.

Registered assessors have industry experience and extensive technical knowledge and skills. All workplace assessors will hold unit standard 4098 – Use standards to assess candidate performance or have demonstrated equivalent knowledge and skills.

To ensure all registered assessors have sufficient knowledge and skills, assessors are provided with an assessment scope. This scope reflects the experience and qualifications the assessor currently holds and determines what unit standards they may assess.

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Ensuring the quality of assessment

Connexis moderators moderate assessment decisions of registered assessors.  This is a quality assurance process to ensure assessors are making similar decisions and that assessments are valid, consistent and fair.

Connexis sets the National Standard for consistency in assessment through its moderation process. This process ensures that:

  • Assessment decisions are fair, valid and consistent.
  • Assessment decisions are reliable and consistent between assessors.
  • Moderation supports assessors and providers to meet industry standards and helps identify where improvements may be made.

Assessment results reporting

Assessors are now required to enter assessment results via the new Connexis Assessment Results Workbook. To assist you with the use of this workbook please find the resources below:

If you have any issues entering results please contact QA at


Who carries out moderation?

Moderation is carried out by moderators who are senior in their industry and are responsible for conducting:

  • Internal moderation of the assessments carried out by Connexis registered assessors.
  • Pre-assessment moderation of assessment resources developed for Connexis managed unit standards.
  • External moderation, including evaluation visits of training providers with Consent to Assess Connexis managed qualifications and unit standards.

Connexis Consent Moderation and Assessment Policy and Procedures (CMAPP)

Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures CMAPP gives effect to the Connexis Governance Policy and explains the responsibilities of Connexis Assessors and Providers with Consent to Assess. View it by clicking here.

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Dates for the 2020 assessor forums have been POSTPONED!

All Assessor Forums have been postponed untill 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic

For Moderators

Moderators are an integral part of the assessment and QMS process.  Connexis administers the moderation system through a supportive and educative approach.  Moderators will be expected to contact assessors as part of this process, and provide constructive feedback regarding the moderation results.

Applications to become a Connexis Moderator are accepted throughout the year.  All applicants must meet the current moderator selection criteria before applications are presented to the Connexis’ National Moderator for consideration. If you are interested in applying to become a Connexis moderator please fill in the Moderator Application Form and email this back to

For Training Providers

We work closely with a range of training providers who deliver training for the Infrastructure Industries.

As part of being a Connexis accredited training provider our Annual Moderation Plan indicates those that have been  selected for an Evaluative Visit in the coming year. This is in accordance with CMR 101 and 120.

If you would like to become an accredited training provider, please email us at

If you are a private training provider and need to purchase any of our resource material you will need to complete the PTE Resource Order Form.

Qualification, Programme & Unit Standard Reviews

To ensure our qualifications, programmes and unit standards are fit for purpose and useful for industry they undergo reviews. Every five years (or sooner if industry triggers an early review) an review and consultation process on a qualification, programme and/or unit standards.

To find a list of the recently published resources please click here.

For details on our active reviews, please visit the industry pages below.

Become a Connexis Assessor

Assessor training

As a Connexis Assessor you can apply your skills and knowledge to enable others to achieve unit standards leading to industry qualifications. Assessors judge competency levels and assess trainee assessments. Being an assessor is a key role in supporting trainees to get recognition for their skills through the achievement of industry qualifications.

To become a Connexis Assessor, as a pre-requisite, you are expected to attend a Connexis Assessor Training Course and must hold unit standard 4098 Use standards to assess candidate performance. If you already hold unit standard 4098, an assessor application will be considered if you complete the Assessor Application Form and return to

The two unit standards covered in the Connexis Assessor Training Course are:

  • 4098: Use standards to assess candidate performance
  • 11281: Prepare candidates for assessment against standards

Course Details

  • Candidates will learn about Assessor process and practice and complete the practical tasks required to achieve US4098 and US11281.
  • Connexis will forward two assessments for candidates to complete as trainees. The assessments must be completed prior to attending the course.
  • The two-day course runs from 9.00am to 3.00pm each day.
  • The cost to attend a two-day Assessor training course is $550.00 (plus GST)
  • A minimum of eight registered attendees are required for a course to proceed. Courses will be confirmed two weeks prior to the advertised date.

Course Outline

Day One

  • Understanding the Connexis workplace assessment process
  • Understanding unit standards, qualifications, and associated governance
  • Preparing trainees for assessment
  • Assessing trainees
  • Best practice in assessment
  • Tools to gain unit standards 4098 and 11281

Day Two

  • Completion of US4098/11281 assessment. Candidates alternate roles as trainee and assessor and will be observed conducting pre-assessment, assessment and post assessment processes.
  • The completed 4098/11281 portfolio is submitted to an external assessor for assessment.
Course Dates and Locations

Auckland 24 & 25 November (fully booked)

Register Your Interest in Attending our Assessor Training Course:


How To Enrol

Please complete our Assessor Training Course registration form and return it to:


Connexis has a library of assessment resources which have been pre-assessment moderated. Assessor and trainee assessment resources are available for unit standards in Connexis qualifications. These resources are pre-assessment moderated to ensure they are fair, valid and consistent and meeting the National Standard. The resources are available to registered assessors and can be downloaded through the Learning Management System. To do this:

  • Go to the eLearning page on this website.
  • Once your logged in you will see the assessor dashboard screen with a welcome message.
  • Below the message is the Resource Search bar.
  • Type in the Unit Standard number of the resources you are looking for and click go.

If you can’t find the assessor guide you’re looking for, please contact resources at

If you have difficulties logging into the Learning Management System, please contact