Connexis graduate in Civil Trades

Jarred Bird – Strive for excellence

Prue Feely Civil

Jarred Bird has recently received a L4 NZC Civil Works Qualification with strands in Road construction, Earthworks and Road Maintenance.

As an owner and operator of Napier based Outdoor Solutions this national and formal recognition of his skills and knowledge will give him a great edge to seize future business opportunities and drive business growth.

Jared says the qualification and certification has given him “a real sense of accomplishment and I really like how it gives my clients the reassurance of my extensive skills, knowledge, and experience in the industry”.

His personal motto is to ‘strive for excellence’ and proof of this is the additional achievement of gaining his Civil Trade Certificate endorsed in Road construction, Earthworks and Road Maintenance. With the next goal set, which is to start a Project Management Qualification, it’s safe to say Jared is a motivated and inspiring person in this industry!