Volunteering to build the success of others

benstevens Excellence Awards Finalist, Industry Excellence Awards Winner

David de Klerk

Contribution to Investing in Youth Training and Development

As a Senior Contract Manager for Electrix’s Power Services North business unit, David de Klerk has plenty of responsibilities – but that never stops him from taking the time to support the company’s trainees.

Training and support for apprentices is not part of David’s role with Electrix but his door is always open for any trainee in need of advice and encouragement.

David is a finalist in the Electrix-sponsored Contribution to Investing in Youth Training and Development category of the 2021 Connexis Industry Excellence Awards. He was nominated by Karl Wallace, Perimeter Director for Electrix in Auckland who says David has provided invaluable assistance to trainee electricians across the company in his almost 15 years with the company – and he does it all off his own back.

“Even though it is not his primary job, he makes the time to assist and support young trainees with theory and practical assessments, ensuring their progression and success.”

One of those former trainees who had the benefits of David’s support, Danielle Forman, says she’s never known anyone go above and beyond the call of duty for others, the way David does. “He never turns away anyone in need. Dave treats others, apprentices especially, with a grace that suggests you are at the top of his priority list, regardless of how long that list might be.”

Karl Wallace says David has helped grow the confidence and success of a huge number of trainees, sharing the knowledge he has accumulated in more than 35 years of working in the electrical industry, both in New Zealand and South Africa.

“His patience and knowledge have given many of the apprentices the foundation they need to start a successful career in the electrical industry, and to build on their apprenticeship and training,” Karl says. That includes regularly following up with trainees on how their studies are progressing, helping them if they’re struggling and organising work in other parts of the company, and industry, to make sure they meet their requirements.

David also works closely with training providers such as Connexis to help improve training pathways for apprentices. David says his own industry training has “strengthened by knowledge to be able to support and mentor the new trainees that have come through over the years”.