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Girls with Hi-Vis Construction Events

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Girls with Hi-Vis events and their co-hosts cover a wide range of industries and roles allowing every event to be unique.

The event agendas are made available to provide you with more information on the event, including planned activities, locations, and clothing requirements.

While the clothing and PPE requirements vary based on the event, we ask that students wear closed-toe shoes (no Crocs or other sandal types), long sleeves, and long pants to all events.

Event information and their agendas can be found below, grouped by region. To register to attend an event, complete the form at the bottom of the page or follow the button below.

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Central region


23 May | Hawkins | 15 Attendees


Visit a working construction site, tour led by the Project Manager, Trade focused presentation led by a subcontractor. Presentation by site staff.

South Island region


2 May | Cook Brothers Construction - Mitre 10 | 15 Attendees


Site visit of McLeans Mansion - opportunity to see a live a site up close. Discuss key work phases, trades.   Discussion with female team members about entering the construction industry and the wide variety of careers within it. Hands on exercise - as a group build 2x picnic tables that will then be donated to a school / play school. The project will repurpose waste materials to give them a new lease of life and highlight that 'waste' is a valuable resource. The session will involve running through how to plan, types and use of tools / equipment, and assembly of the table. Intro About Mitre10 and who we are, quick intro with the girls. Walk around the store, chat to people in Power Tools, Hardware & the drive thru. Build Tables within groups.


7 May | Glacier Joinery - Ezy Kitchens | 15 Attendees


Split the group in half. One group will go off with our two designers then split off between them. Both designers have done their NZ Diploma in Kitchen and Bathroom design with BCITO.  They are going to have a basic plan up on their computer and get the girls to help design a kitchen on our software programme. This will take about 30 mins for each group. Then they will move onto the colour room to show them different products we use and have some fun with seeing who can remember the hardest surface etc. This will take about 20 mins. The other half of the group will head into the factory, where they will go to the CNC Machine and cut out a preprogrammed plan of cutlery holders which our apprentices will assist them in putting together.


9 May | Ranger | 20 Attendees


Come along and learn about our business and hear from our female staff about their journey. hands on activities include interior stopping, painting and flake floor system. Demonstrations with tools.


14 May | Placemakers | 15 Attendees


The students will go to the frame and truss plant for a site tour. There will be a hands-on activity with the students being able to rotate between building a picnic table, creating their own chopping boards and hearing from inspirational women in the industry.