A deeper understanding of health and safety

Francesca Emms News, Our People

When Connexis Central Region Area Manager Jason Belcher was looking at training options to extend his own area of expertise, he turned to the NZ Certificate of Workplace Health and Safety Practice (Level 3).

The Level 3 certification gives learners good foundations in workplace health and safety practices, with a good understanding of legal requirements, best practice, and assessing risks.

“It also appealed to me because health and safety is one of those areas of expertise that every organisation needs,” Jason says. “It’s a qualification that you can take anywhere in your career.”

He also points out that the Level 3 course offers both fundamental knowledge in the compulsory first module as well as the ability to specialise in different health and safety topics as you progress through the course.

“I decided to specialise in the health and safety management of asbestos as it’s still quite a common problem in buildings, but you can choose from quite a wide range of specialist topics,” Jason says.

The other skill the Level 3 Certificate of Workplace Health and Safety Practice offers learners, Jason adds, is the confidence to raise health and safety concerns or report issues, even if they are relatively junior members of the team.

“It means you have a good level of knowledge, and an understanding of why health and safety is important and why the rules are in place, that’s backed up by a qualification. That can help people have the confidence to speak up if they see something.”

Having team members with health and safety qualifications also helps employers send a message that they take employee safety seriously, and helps develop a culture of problem solving any safety issues, rather than blaming individuals or ignoring problems.

“In the end we all want to go home to our families safely every night, so let’s look after each other.”