Civil Infrastructure Project – The Future of Work

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The Future of Work project will see Te Pūkenga partner with New Zealand’s civil infrastructure industry to create a clear, coordinated pathway for entry into a career in civil infrastructure, with the goal of increasing visibility of civil trades apprenticeships and scaling up the workforce.

The project will develop two unified programmes: New Zealand Infrastructure Works Level 2 and Level 3. This will set up integrated offerings across the Te Pūkenga network, resulting in a national training offering with regional/local delivery. The overall objective is to integrate campus-based and work-based learning into a skills pathway that is visible, accessible and consistent across New Zealand.

The project is now looking for Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) keen to be involved either as part of the working group, or be part of a testing group for the project as it progresses.

You can find out more and submit feedback on the project via the Connexis website or contact Civil Infrastructure Future of Work Project – Project Manager Tracey Harkness on