Connexis officially part of Te Pūkenga

Francesca Emms News, RoVE

As of 1 January 2023, Connexis | Te Pūkenga has officially transitioned from being a subsidiary to sitting within Te Pūkenga New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.

Te Pūkenga is Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest tertiary education provider, bringing together nine Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) and 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics.

“As the infrastructure division of Te Pūkenga you will see that our name reflects our new structure, Connexis | Te Pūkenga, and our colours are changing as we incorporate Te Pūkenga branding,” says Director Kaarin Gaukrodger.

“We might look a little different, but our focus is the same – to upskill New Zealand’s infrastructure workforce. This is an exciting time, and we are glad to bring you on the journey with us as we embrace the opportunities Te Pūkenga brings across our wider network of on-job, on-campus, and online learning opportunities.”

The Te Pūkenga executive structure has been confirmed:

Peter Winder (Tumuaki | Chief Executive Officer), Keri-Anne Tane (Pourangi Tangata | Chief People Officer), Teresa Pollard (Pourangi Matihiko | Chief Digital Officer), Michelle Teirney (Pourangi Pūtea | Chief Financial Officer), Dr Megan Gibbons (Pourangi Mātauranga me ngā Pūnaha Ako | DCE Academic Centre and Learning Systems), Gus Gilmore (Pourangi Ako | DCE Ako Delivery), Andrew McSweeney (Pourangi Ākonga me te Ahumahi | DCE Learner and Employer Experience and Attraction), Paora Ammunson (Pourangi Hua Tiriti | DCE Tiriti Outcomes), Ziena Jalil (Pourangi Kaimahi | Chief of Staff). Tamati Shepherd-Wipiiti (Pourangi Pūnaha me ngā Panonitanga | Interim DCE Strategy and Transformation) while the process to appoint a permanent leader is completed.