Give your standout trainees the chance to shine on an industry stage

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Nominations have opened for the Connexis Excellence Awards (formerly the Connexis Industry Excellence Awards).

The awards honour the best and brightest energy and telecommunications trainees from across the motu for their hard work, dedication and expertise. They also recognise those individuals who invest their time and energy in the training and development of youth in these industries.

This year, the Excellence Awards will be held on the last day of Annual Connection, which will run from 27-29 September in Levin.

It’s time to recognise the standout trainees in your business. Nomination forms and tips for writing a strong nomination are here.

7 reasons to nominate:

  1. Recognise a standout employee and the value they bring to your organisation. 
  2. Raise your profile as an employer who promotes training and best practice. 
  3. Celebrate your company’s achievements. 
  4. Show your commitment to the professional development of your industry. 
  5. Promote your industry by showcasing talent on a national stage. 
  6. Take an active role in this celebration of the Electricity Supply and Telecommunication Industry. 
  7. Give your employees the chance to win and be part of the legacy of Annual Connection. 

Award categories:

  • Telecommunications Trainee of the Year
  • Transmissions Trainee of the Year
  • Generation Trainee of the Year
  • Distribution Trainee of the Year
  • Advanced Trainee of the Year
  • Contribution and Investing in Youth and Development

Key dates:

  • 27 April 2022 – Nominations open
  • 1 June 2022 – Tickets on sale
  • 22 July 2022 – Nominations close
  • 8 August 2022 – Finalists announced
  • 29 September 2022 – Connexis Excellence Awards dinner