Industry’s best to battle it out at Annual Connection

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It’s hands on for the top Energy Industry staff this week as they pit their skills against fellow workers from around the country.

Teams from power companies around the country – including one from Australia – will be demonstrating their skills and expertise in a series of fast paced line mechanic and cable jointer competitions at the 2016 Annual Connection event in Christchurch. Events include a pole top rescue, team building and first aid competitions, as well as a pit rescue and spike gun event.

The annual event aims to spur competition and team work within the Energy Industry and is also a great opportunity to showcase ‘on the job action’ to the public and anyone considering a career in the industry. It’s organised by Connexis, the Industry Training Organisation (ITO) for the Infrastructure Industry.

Connexis CEO, Helmut Modlik says, “These men and women play a vital role in our community ensuring that the power supply is always up and running to businesses and homes throughout the country, often in a harsh and challenging environment such as storms and floods. We’re looking forward to some spirited competitions, showcasing outstanding teamwork, workmanship, safety practices and technical knowledge. And of course we welcome the public to come along and watch.”

The thee-day event culminates with the Connexis Annual Connection Excellence Awards dinner on Thursday October 20 at the Air Force Museum in Christchurch where winners of the Connexis Annual Connection Excellence Awards will be announced.

“It’s great to see the talent coming up through the Energy Industry and these people will play a vital role in ensuring that the rapidly growing industry is well served with skilled and talented staff moving forward,” Helmut says.

“Without this industry New Zealand would come to a complete standstill, we all need power for every day living and to stay connected.”

Twenty of New Zealand’s top trainees and trainers in the Energy and Telco Industries have been named as finalists in the awards. They work throughout the country, from Whangarei in the north to Dunedin in the south, and are competing for honours across 7 categories: Contribution to Industry Training, and Generation, Distribution, Transmission, Telecommunications, Advanced and Overall Trainee of the Year.

In addition to recognising trainees, the contribution to industry training – which is also crucial to the success of trainees – is recognised with the Contribution to Industry Training award. This rewards those who make a significant impact through their enthusiasm and commitment to industry training.

Helmut adds that employers play a crucial role in the success of trainees and nominating trainees for these awards is a great way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to training.

The winners and runners up of the line mechanic and cable jointer competitions and the recipients of the Ross Archer Memorial Line Mechanic Safety Award and the Outstanding Leader Award will also be announced at the dinner.