Introducing Totara, our new eLearning app

Francesca Emms News

Connexis | Te Pūkenga is excited to introduce Totara, our free eLearning app. This is a fantastic tool to support learners on-the-go!

With the Totara app, ākonga (learners) can quickly and securely access their eLearning programmes, courses, and assessment activities on their mobile, allowing them to continue their training whenever and wherever it suits them.

Kaarin Gaukrodger, executive director Connexis | Te Pūkenga, says we need to provide learning material on the platform that our learners know and use. We know that our learners manage their lives through their mobile phone, so it makes sense that we allow them to manage their training on their mobile as well.

“We understand our learners have busy lives, balancing their learning around their work, whānau, sport and recreation activities. By providing their learning material on the free eLearning app Totara, learners can access their training material on their smartphone wherever they are. This will allow them to better manage their downtime to get through a quick session of learning whether that is before work, on their lunchbreak or in their out-of-work hours.

“By using the app via a smartphone, eLearners literally have everything they need for success at their fingertips.

“A critical part of our role at Connexis | Te Pūkenga as a training provider is to remove as many hurdles to success as possible for our trainees. We are thrilled to be able to offer access to Totara and take another step to improving and standardising the learning experience for everyone, no matter their training circumstances.”

The benefits of Totara

  • Accessible on any mobile device including smartphones, tablets and ipads
  • Available free via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • Compatible with other phone apps and features, such as speech-to-text and text-to-speech
  • Modules can be downloaded for offline learning
  • eLearning app and website sync so learners can work between phone, computer, online and offline as needed
  • Easily upload evidence for online assessments (e.g. photographs, videos or other files) straight from the phone

Currently, Totara is available for Windfarm Maintenance Level 3 and Infrastructure Works Level 2. More programmes will be available soon. 

If you have any questions about Totara please get in touch with us on