Message from the Minister for Infrastructure: Hon Shane Jones

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It is an exciting time for those considering a future in the Infrastructure Industry, with a new Government meaning new opportunities for an exciting and diverse career.

This Government has committed to spending almost $42 billion over the next five years to deliver a world class infrastructure network and future-proof our growing nation.

Initiatives of particular priority include working with KiwiRail to realise the Government’s commitment to an improved rail network and a freight and logistics study of the upper North Island. In freight, we will establish a planning and investment framework that gets the best out of roads, rail and coastal shipping to support those same high level goals.

The $1 billion per annum Provincial Growth Fund, which I am responsible for, will also allow for investment in critical infrastructure, sector-led projects and regional growth initiatives that create jobs, promote sustainable economic development and build resilience in our provincial economies.

This Government sees infrastructure investment as crucial to the success of both our large urban centres and the long-neglected provinces. However this vision can only be realised if talented young people take up the chances that investment such as this will offer up. This is why we want to see all young New Zealanders either in work, education or training.

The capacity of our construction industry and infrastructure sector is going to be an ongoing challenge – but also an opportunity for us to attract new people to the workforce. We need to consider how we encourage the sector to be more productive and pioneering and this can be driven through investment in new technology and skills.

We will not be able to achieve all this alone. We as a Government need to work together with the private sector, iwi, local government, community organisations, and most importantly with those on the ground to ensure our programme is made a reality.

By working with these sectors, and attracting new people to take up the wealth of opportunities that exist within the industry, we can deliver a modern and effective infrastructure network that delivers the best possible outcomes for New Zealand.

Hon Shane Jones
Minister for Infrastructure