Spotlight Profile | CSAM in the field

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Michelle Beukes from Hamilton, Waikato

How long have you been operating as a CSAM and what pathway did you take to enter the role you’re in currently?

I have been a CSAM for 7 months. Prior to becoming a CSAM I was very much involved in tutoring and educating trainees for the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness as well as working with the Hamilton City District Health Board and the New Zealand Police. My focus has always been about helping and supporting others in developing and succeeding. I believe in making a positive difference in the lives of New Zealanders, in our communities and in the businesses that support our communities.

What’s your favourite thing about your role as a CSAM?

I rewarded by seeing trainees achieve their goals and develop their knowledge and skills in the industry, I celebrate the company and trainee when they succeed and that is my favourite part of my role, it inspires me to work harder and support the industry even more. Seeing a trainee progress and my companies achieve positive results and growth gives me the ultimate job satisfaction. I also really enjoy interacting and getting to know my companies and the trainees, it is such a privilege.

A brief anecdote or story about one of your highlights / a time where something rewarding happened in your role that gave you great satisfaction?

It is not one specific moment, but my highlights have been the moments when I have sat down with trainees and supported them with their book work. Those moments when I experience my trainees having a breakthrough. The gratitude and thanks I receive from my trainees, managers and supervisors as I support and guide trainees towards completing their qualification is definitely a highlight for me. I have seen trainees excel and take on new responsibilities and roles because of the learning they have done through Connexis, which is very rewarding.

What does a day in your role look like?

Every day is different, and every day is all about communicating with the Connexis team, my trainees, and companies. I am usually out and about visiting my companies and trainees, delivering resources, inducting new trainees, collecting, and reviewing trainee assessments or signing up new trainees. If I am not out and about, I am usually following up with trainees, setting goals on IMX and responding to enquiries. Also, I am always planning and arranging visits to see my companies and trainees on a regular basis.

Any advice for trainees in the current climate on maintaining motivation and focus on juggling work and training?

The infrastructure industry in New Zealand is booming, and this industry is the place to be! You are part of something much bigger and that is growing and building New Zealand and our communities, we can not do it without you. Push through, get qualified, it means everything to New Zealand.