NEW approach for 2023 Connexis pricing structure is released

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With the government ending the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship fund (TTAF) on the 31st December 2022, Connexis will resume charging fees from 1 January 2023 in line with TEC funding requirements. 

You will note that we have made a change to the management of our learner’s training programme, which is reflected in our 2023 fee structure.

When TTAF was released in 2020, we made a significant change to our service-level approach.  In response to TTAF, we packaged up all fees associated with enrolment and completion of a training programme, and these were on charged to TEC.

We are continuing this approach with all costs included in enrolling and completing a training programme, including assessment and block courses, now included within our fee structure. This approach provides increased certainty around total cost for a learner to enrol and complete a training programme. We know our employers have been asking for more certainty around these costs at time of enrolment to assist with managing their training budget.

 Key points to note: 

  • Connexis will manage all third-party fees for external contract assessment and off-job training, where applicable. This means that from the start of 2023, all learner training fees are paid directly to Connexis.  
  • Connexis will be responsible for payment to third party providers keeping the process simplified for you and your business. In addition, Connexis will also be taking more responsibility for managing the quality of provision being provided.   
  • Our new pricing structure allows fees to be paid over two years, whereby the programme is longer than 15 months and where fees are $3000 or more.
  • We have made provision for those employers that operate an in-house assessment model. If an additional external assessor is needed to assist your in-house assessor, additional fees will apply.

Overall Connexis fees are not changing significantly. What you will receive now, is greater upfront visibility of the full cost of training as we now include third-party fees you were previously managing and paying separately. 

Exclusions / Exceptions: 

  • Incidental costs such as travel and accommodation for block courses are not covered by the fees paid to Connexis.

Current learners continuing into 2023
For your current learners carrying on their training programmes into 2023, Connexis will calculate the 2023 fee on a pro-rate basis.
This calculation of fees is based on the duration of the programme, and the number of months remaining of training in 2023.
What this means for your learners:

  • Learners that are due to carry on training programmes into 2023, we will send you a notification by early December advising you of the transition fee to be paid. 
  • For those of you who run a purchase order system, this notification will also include a request for a PO number.  This is so that we can include this in our invoicing in early 2023.
  • We will be delaying the invoicing for all learners that are nearing completion (less than 20 credits to achieve in January 2023), to give learners who are almost complete a chance to do so without incurring further fees.
  • For all other current learners that are due to carry on training programmes into 2023, invoices will be sent in Q1 of 2023.

Fees Free
We are expecting that Fees Free will be available to eligible learners in 2023, however, the conditions around eligibility will not be released by TEC until sometime in November. We will notify you as soon as we have more details.