PRESS RELEASE: New Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Training Programme – Enrolments Open February 2018.

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Connexis are pleased to announce that enrolments into the new water treatment plant operator training programmes will open in February 2018.

This new training programme has been developed through working closely with Water New Zealand, Water Industry Operations Group NZ (WIOG), and key industry stakeholders. The new qualifications and training programmes have been developed since the Havelock North outbreak, and learnings from the tragic incident have been integrated into the programme to enable operators to respond more quickly and effectively to adverse operating conditions.

The new programmes are for people who are responsible for the day-to-day operation of water/wastewater treatment plants and will replace the National Certificates in Water and Wastewater Treatment (Level 4).

The new names of the training programmes are:

New Zealand Apprenticeship in Water Treatment, with strands in:

  • Drinking Water Multi Stage Processes
  • Wastewater Multi Stage Processes

The qualification is stranded into two  specialist areas of Water or Wastewater, recognising the skills required to operate complex treatment plants that involve multiple processes in each area.

Graduates of the Drinking-Water Multistage Process Strand will be able to:

  • Operate a drinking-water treatment plant using chlorine disinfection processes.
  • Operate a drinking-water treatment plant with a combination of an additional three water treatment processes.

Graduates of the Wastewater Multistage Process Strand will be able to:

  • Operate a wastewater treatment plant with a combination of preliminary treatment, and two additional wastewater treatment processes (and wastewater influent greater than 200 m3 per day).

The new qualification pathway for the water industry can be found here on the Connexis website.

Benefits to trainees and employers:


The new Apprenticeship programme delivery structure will;

  • Significantly increase on-the-job learning with trainees exposed to industry experts through on-line learning, reducing time away from the workplace.
  • Have the learning taking place within the context of the learners current working environment which will greatly increase their skill competency.
  • Provide ongoing learner support, offered by mentors, to ensure trainees have everything they need to complete the qualification.
  • Teach trainees to think critically, learn from peers and share new ideas, techniques and approaches to meet the changing needs of the industry.
  • Require adjustments in the workplace: to allow employees access to, and time to complete on-line learning and assessments in work time instead of sending trainees away for offsite learning.


The new Apprenticeship programme will;

  • Be interactive and engaging training using the latest learning and assessment tools.
  • Provide trainees with ongoing support through industry mentors who will help you succeed.
  • Increase your ability for ongoing learning; to think critically, share new ideas, techniques and approaches.
  • Enable you to gain a sought after qualification, and be at the forefront of a changing industry.
  • Allow you to learn through a mix of digital-learning and a SCADA simulator, engaging assessment methods and a hands-on block course that will help grow long-term industry relationships with your peers.

Operators with the existing Level 4 qualifications

There is no requirement to ‘up-grade’ from the current version of the qualification, National Certificate in Water / Wastewater Treatment.

However, there will be continued professional development opportunities aligned to the new training courses available in 2018.

Important change to 2018 Diploma enrolments

The New Zealand Diploma in Water Treatment with strands in Drinking-Water and Wastewater, will be rolled out later in 2018.  The diplomas will follow a similar ‘blended leaning’ format to the apprenticeships of on-line learning and block courses.