Secondary school students sample the Water Industry

benstevens News, Water

A group of secondary school students enjoyed a behind the scenes taste of the water industry recently experiencing what it takes to provide Auckland with clean, safe drinking water.

The students were taking part in a five-day ‘Water Taster’ programme this week – an initiative of Connexis, designed to show young people how the industry works and to encourage them to take up a career.

Connexis Water Industry Manager Annie Yeates says, “It’s been a joy and a privilege to introduce the group to the teams behind providing Auckland with clean safe water to drink, and treating the wastewater before it is discharged back into the environment, and those that look after the maze of pipe networks in-between!

“The last few days have been a real highlight for me, getting young people enthused about a vital industry that offers amazing careers that the vast majority of the population never think about – until something goes wrong!”

Connexis Chief Executive Helmut Modlik says, “The initiative has been hugely supported by host networks Watercare, Downer, City Care and Safety in Action, they’ve all been fantastically supportive and have really welcomed this initiative.

“We have some large skill shortages looming in the water industry, particularly in the area of water reticulation – crews who look after the reticulation networks, fixing water leaks etc – where there are presently more than 50 vacancies in this area in Auckland alone, so it’s vital to attract more staff and these open days are a perfect gateway.”