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Te Pūkenga – Proposed Organisation Structure Release 19 July For Consultation and Engagement

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Last year, Te Pūkenga held its first phase of engagement on the proposed Operating Model. The summary report of feedback is available here.

The proposed organisational structure is currently being designed and will provide specifics about how work-based and campus base will come together in one organisation; to create New Zealand’s new vocational education institution, focused on increasing work-based learning and putting the learner at the centre.

The new structure will weave together Ako Networks with regional and local delivery.

Kaimahi (employees) will have a chance to review and comment shortly on the proposed structure through a formal consultation process. The consultation and engagement will commence on 19 July and run until 16 August 2022.

Te Pūkenga will come out to engage with employers and industry with information on the proposed structure and what this will mean for you and your team. 

While all the Polytechnic employees will be transitioned into the new structure in 2022, the Work-Based Learning Subsidiary of Te Pūkenga, which Connexis is a Division of, has yet to confirm our transition date. 

We know we will integrate into new structure no later than mid-2023.

Read more about this part of our workplan here.

View our full workplan here and learn about Horizon 1 and how this will look for our employers and learners.