Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) update

Prue Feely News, NZ Apprenticeships

Yesterday the Minister of Education provided further details on the $320 million Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF).  This information has been provided via the Minister’s press release and some additional information on the TEC website.  We have summarised this information for you below and will continue to update you as more details become available. 

Who will be eligible?

  • Government is encouraging vocational education for everyone.  TTAF will be available for learners of all ages;
  • The fund will be available to support all learners regardless of whether they have undertaken prior study.  Those with previous qualifications, including higher qualifications, will be eligible to receive this fund;
  • The fund will be available for those enrolling or currently enrolled in eligible programmes from 01 July 2020 to 31 December 2022.

What will be covered by TTAF?

  • The fund will be available to cover the fees normally paid by the learner/employer;
  • Course fees;
  • Compulsory course costs including assessment costs;
  • Learners already enrolled in a course from 01 July 2020 may be eligible for a partial refund.

What courses are eligible for the TTAF?

  • In 2020 all apprenticeships including those outside the targeted areas will be eligible for fees support.
  • TTAF will target support for areas of study and training that will give learners better employment prospects as New Zealand recovers from COVID-19.  We can confirm the following Connexis areas for study will be covered:
    • NZ Diploma in Engineering – Civil (Level 6)
    • NZA in Civil Infrastructure Trades
    • NZC in Electrical Engineering Theory (Level 3)
    • Water and Sanitary Engineering
    • Road Construction
    • Communications Technologies
    • Communications Equipment Installation and Maintenance
    • Power Line Installation and Maintenance
  • In 2021 the areas to be covered will be refined with advice from the Workforce Development Councils and Regional Skills Leadership Groups.

What other support is there?

  • TTAF will work alongside the $412 million Employer Apprenticeship subsidy scheme, of which further details will be announced soon.
  • The Trades Academy has a separate fund of $32 million to increase the volume of Trades Academy places in secondary schools by 1,000 places a year from 2021.

At this stage, we are waiting to receive details on how we are to interact with the TTAF and confirm all the Connexis Programmes eligible for the fund.   We will continue to update you as more information is shared.

You can find the official communication here: