Infrastructure is what keeps New Zealand connected – we’re talking about the roads you use to get to take you from Wellington to Auckland, the pipes used to get fresh water when you turn on your taps, the electricity network that you use to charge your phone overnight, as well as the wifi network that let’s you post those ‘grams.

Whether you are a teacher, careers advisor or a student, you will find information for you below.

Infrastructure Careers Toolkit

The 2019 Infrastructure Careers Toolkit is available now. This is a great resource for school teachers and careers advisors with plenty of material you can share with your students to give them an idea of what a career in infrastructure can bring.

The toolkit contains a variety of information valuable to students who are seeking information on what to do with their career after school. It includes:

  • Infrastructure X-Mag
  • Gateway information
  • Career pathways for Civil, Energy, Telco and Water
  • Video material

Download the information and use it in your classrooms. Keep an eye on this resource as it will continue to be updated throughout the year.


Gateway is a programme for senior secondary school students who are interested in a trade career. It gives you the opportunity to try out the job before committing to it.

View Gateway Brochure

Are you a student?

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to build a road from Hamilton to Auckland, or what that telecommunication person is doing in that hole on the side of the road to keep you connected so you can snapchat your mate a picture of you as a dog? Gateway lets you take a look at the industry, meet lots of really cool people and check out how things work. And, you get to earn NCEA credits while you are at it! It also looks awesome on your C.V.

If you are keen, tell your teacher to get in touch with us today!

Are you a teacher?

We currently have Civil & Water, Energy and Telco Gateway Programmes.

The order forms and Mou for these are available to download below:

How does Gateway work?

Our Gateway programmes have been tailor-made for Year 11, 12 and 13 students to allow them to gain experience in the Infrastructure Industries. Unit standards are set at Level 2 and 3, and contain a mixture of soft skills and technical skills to give students a better insight into the variety of skills required for the industry.

  • Technical skill units: Students are partnered with an infrastructure company to learn skills on-the-job.
  • Soft skill units: Theory units students work through in the classroom.

By taking part in the Gateway Programme, your students get to meet potential employers and test out the industry, while completing relevant unit standards towards their training!

If you are interested in finding out how our Gateway programme can help your students, contact us today at

What is an apprenticeship or on-the-job training?

Industry training is tertiary education, just like a university or polytechnic; however, you complete your learning and assessments at work. After 2-3 years of industry training (e.g. working towards a New Zealand Apprenticeship or Certificate) you will walk away with work experience, skills and a specialised trade qualification. Universities are known as the academic route to a career. After approximately 3-5 years of full time studying, you will (as long as you have passed!) be handed a tertiary degree or diploma, which you will then use to go out and find yourself a job. With Industry Training, you will have a job already, have years of experience on your CV, along with a healthy bank account or your first car or home from earning money straight from school..

The benefits:

  • No cost to you – as Infrastructure companies cover the cost of their employees to get qualified
  • No student loan – DEBT FREE
  • Because you’re working – you’re MAKING MONEY!! Earn while you learn
  • EASIER TO LEARN as training is on the job
  • Building a strong career foundation – networking and gaining NEW MATES
  • Increasing your skills and knowledge that can help your CAREER DEVELOPMENT
  • Long term career prospects include: Technical/Specialist roles or work your way to Supervisor/Manager roles
  • A lot of tradespeople start their own businesses!
  • Gain a nationally recognised QUALIFICATION!

Click here for our Civil Apprenticeship information, or here for our Water Apprenticeship information

The important stuff

Getting into the workforce can seem daunting at first, but we have a few things, tips and tricks in place to help you along.

Fix up, look sharp!

Having a positive attitude towards turning up for work, and putting in the hard yards will go a long way in securing a lifelong career in the Infrastructure Industry. We mean showing respect, putting your hand up for work, being on time, taking initiative and being motivated to get the work done and stick to your training.

Most importantly is that you are good at listening and following instructions as these two skills will ensure you stay safe and keep your team members safe while you are at work on Infrastructure sites.

Drivers license

Yes this is very important! If you do not have at least your restricted drives licence we encourage you to start working on that now.

Sometimes you’ll need to travel to get to your worksite, and being able to get yourself to and from work is a HUGE tick for employees. It’s also a great first step to getting behind the wheel of the massive excavators and trucks onsite! Lets face it, who doesn’t want to drive one of these?!

Test your knowledge of the road code.

CV and cover letters

To apply for a job, you will need to hand in a CV and cover letter, so it’s worth taking some time to get them right. Your CV should include your name and contact details, your skills, what you achieved while you were at school, as well as your education and any part time jobs you’ve had. Your CV should also include the sports teams and other extracurricular activities you were part of – this shows your employer that you can work in a team and are reliable.

Some example of skills you may already have:

  • Teamwork – works well in a team: give an example eg sports team / school team or project / community group
  • Good communication – listening, speaks well with good English
  • Leadership – sports captain, school captain
  • Time management – turns up on time, gets school projects in on time
  • Self-motivated – any voluntary work or extra you do for your school or community
  • Responsible – babysit or look after other family members
  • Creative

Your cover letter supports your CV and tells the company how the skills you have developed specifically relate to the job you are applying for. Make sure your cover letter is no longer than one page! Check out Careers NZ video on ‘What to include in your CV’.

Get involved

Connexis has many events on throughout the year that teachers, students and schools can get involved in.

Girls with Hi-Vis®

Girls with Hi-Vis® events give young women the opportunity to gain exposure to the infrastructure sector while at school. They provide a hands-on experience so young women can gain a clear understanding about what’s involved in the many and varied roles available to them in infrastructure’s Civil, Energy, Telco and Water industries.

Find out more

Got a Trade? Got it made!

Got a Trade? Got it Made! is a national campaign to raise awareness of learning and career opportunities in New Zealand’s trades and services.

90,000 young Kiwis aged 15 to 24 years are not in employment, education or training. This campaign focuses on the critical importance of all our young people seeing the benefits of ‘earn and learn’ as a pathway to great jobs and successful careers.

The campaign aims to:

  • To raise awareness of training and career opportunities in New Zealand’s trades and services.
  • To reposition trades and services as ‘Plan-A’ career paths in the minds of young people, aged 16-24 years, and key influencers, including parents, teachers and careers advisors. Also, Maori and Pasifika, and women in trades.
  • To showcase the range of opportunities to learn on-the-job.
  • To seed conversations celebrating trades and services.

Connexis is a proud partner of Got a Trade? Got it made! alongside eight other industry training organisations – BCITO, Careerforce, Competenz, HITO, MITO, Primary ITO, Service IQ and The Skills Organisation.

Collectively, we represent more than 143,000 learners and 10,000 employers who collectively make up 75% of the workforce.

CATE Conference

Connexis, as part of Got a Trade? Got it Made! attends the annual CATE conference.

Here we have had many valuable discussions with secondary school teachers and careers advisers. We look forward to meeting you there!