Connexis Submission on Reform of Vocational Education

benstevens News

Connexis has now put in our submission to the Governments recently announced Reform of Vocational Training (RoVE) proposal.

You can view the Submission on the Have Your Say webpage.

Our submission is based on the feedback we received from our industry stakeholders via a series of roadshow events, an online survey and other meetings. Connexis has sought to engage positively with Government and our main feedback has been to highlight what industry values in the current system so that this can be preserved and enhanced in the changes to come.

Thank you to everyone who contributed feedback and comments to the consultation process. If you have any further feedback at this time please email us at

We now expect a period of quiet regarding RoVE while the Government considers the many submissions they will have received. Following this Government have indicated further consultation on the details of the proposal and we work to keep you informed and involved in the next steps of the process.