Reform of Vocational Education is progressing

Prue Feely News, RoVE

While there has been a focus on Covid-19 and the required business decisions around being in Lockdown Level 4, Level 3 and now Level 2, the Government have continued to progress the establishment of one unified vocational education system through RoVE.

We thought it would be a good time to update you with what has been happening and help you out with the whole new range of acronyms and language being used.

So, if you are not sure what RoVE, TITO, WDC, CIWDC, NZIST, CoVE, ConCoVE, RSLG, IRSLG mean and how they are connected, we have a quick guide below.

RoVE – Reform of Vocational Education
Involves seven key changes, designed to create a strong, unified, sustainable vocational education system.

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TITO – Transitional Industry Training Organisation

As of 01 April, the Government passed legislation that came into effect, changing Industry Training Organisations into Transitional Industry Training Organisations.  This allows the Standard Setting functions undertaken by ITOs to move into a Workforce Development Council (WDC) and the trainees to move to a provider or NZIST when the time requires.

Currently, nothing has changed and we are continuing to service our customers and provide support and guidance to trainees as we always have. We will keep you informed as changes to this occur. 

WDC – Workforce Development Council

The Minister announced on 17 December 2019 that there will be 6 WDCs.  These represent Construction and Infrastructure, Service, Primary, Creative, Manufacturing and Technology, Social and Community Services Industries.

CIWDC – Construction and Infrastructure Workforce Development Council, Connexis are working with other partners in the formation of this WDC.

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NZIST – New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology

Government passed legislation that came into effect on 01 April 2020 that put every ITP – Polytechnic as a subsidiary under the umbrella of NZIST.

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CoVE – Centre of Vocational Excellence

CoVEs will address specific issues and opportunities over the term of their funding. In August 2019 the Government established 2 x CoVEs – Primary and Construction.  There is $5 million of funding available per year, for up to five years, for these first two pilot CoVEs.

ConCoVE – Construction Centre of Vocational Excellence

Designed to drive excellence and innovation this CoVE has 5 proposed projects including the retraining of workforce which has become a hot topic since the effect of Covid-19.
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RSLG – Regional Skills Leadership Group

RSLGs will provide regional skills advice to TEC and act as regional advocates for local vocational education needs. 

IRSLG –  Interim Regional Skills Leadership Groups

Pre-RSLGs will be established in 15 geographic regions to support the response to the regional impacts of COVID-19.  These are specifically focussed on the labour market and providing coordinated strategic information and approach to displaced workers.

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