Changes to government funding support for industry training

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TTAF set to finish on 31 December 2022

Apprenticeships and most training programmes have been fully funded by the government since July 2020 through a scheme known as TTAF (Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund).

TTAF is set to finish on 31 December 2022.


That means apprenticeships and training programmes started from 1 January 2023 onwards will be subject to fees.  

Programmes started under TTAF and continue into 2023 and beyond will also be subject to fees. Fees will only be applicable for the remainder of the programme from the TTAF end date of 31 December 2022.   


The details of the new Unified Funding System (UFS) for vocational education, and other government subsidies including Fees Free, are yet to be finalised. These will determine the level of funding available for industry training and what costs employers will need to cover. We understand employers’ need for certainty of future training costs, especially for those who have workers enrolled in programmes that will continue into 2023 and beyond.

Current government timeframes we are working with: 

  • April 2022 – Proposed rates of funding and transition advice to be announced
  • June 2022 – Indicative funding allocations to be confirmed
  • Q3 2022 – Criteria for Fees Free announced
  • 1 January 2023 – the UFS to take effect 

We expect to be in a position to provide guidance on projected costs for training by mid-2022.

Please contact your local Customer Service Account Manager if you have questions or would like to discuss this further.

You can also contact us on or 0800 486 626

Apprenticeship Boost coming to an end on 4 August 2022

The Apprenticeship Boost is a payment to help employers keep and take on new apprentices offered by Ministry of Social Development (MSD). It provides wage subsidies to employers of apprentices. This scheme will finish soon.

To find out more visit the Apprenticeship Boost page on the Work and Income website.