Reform of Vocational Education

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As you are no doubt aware the Government has just announced a major restructuring of the Vocational Education sector and the role of Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) such as Connexis.  It’s proposed that part of the ITO role is fulfilled by Industry Skills Bodies (ISBs) and that the other part is fulfilled by the NZ Institute of Skills & Technology – an entity that brings together the 16 existing polytechnics.

There are still a lot of finer details to be worked through and what this means for Connexis and its future role is yet to be determined.  We will be working with you, our industry employers, industry associations and representative groups to ensure we hear your thoughts and will work to lobby on your behalf ensuring your needs are met. 

We can confirm that as we work through this process that we will continue to support you as your training partner and provide industry-relevant qualifications and training programmes. Should the proposed changes occur we will ensure all trainees are able to complete their study as planned during 2019 and beyond. More information about what the changes mean to your employees in training can be found here.

The end goal of everyone, including the Government’s new direction, continues to be ensuring high-quality training opportunities, that employers get staff with skills they need and New Zealanders are better equipped for the changing nature of work in the marketplace.

The Government is asking for feedback about its new strategy. We encourage you to put a submission direct into government at:

We will keep you updated with progress as soon as it comes to hand and in the meantime, if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to send a message to Connexis and let us know:

  • What you think of the government proposal – what you think will work, what you are concerned may not work for you
  • What you like the most about industry training that you don’t want to lose
  • What else you’d like to see from industry training
  • What you think needs to improve


Toby Beaglehole 
Chief Executive, Connexis

Brian Warren
Board Chair, Connexis