Electricity Supply Industry Training Organisation

Your Career in the Infrastructure Industry

Ultimit is a Connexis initiative which has been developed to encourage women to apply for trade and technical roles in the Electricity Supply, Civil Infrastructure and Water sectors. 

Why are we doing it? 
Only a small percentage (currently 3%) of female trainees, are employed in trade and technical roles within the infrastructure industries. Women make up fifty one per cent of the population so they are considerably under-represented in this industry's trade and technical workforce. It’s also about creating a more diverse workforce and ensuring we continuously feed our pipeline of skilled trade and technical people.

What are our aims? 
Ultimit, along with its industry partners, aims to educate and encourage more women to look at career options within the horizontal infrastructure industries. We have developed a range of marketing and communication initiatives to create more awareness around career options for women; bringing them to career expos, schools and other agencies dedicated to education, training or employment. We also aim to encourage women to apply to attend Connexis taster courses whereby they can get a better understanding of the trade and technical roles with a view to applying for an apprenticeship in the industry.

Ultimit achievements
  • Winner of the Not-for-Profit Gender Diversity Award at the Women in Governance Awards 2016
  • Winner of the Inclusive Leader – Gender Champion Award (Frances Hague, Connexis Board Chair) at the Women in Governance Awards 2016
  • Highly Commended in the Empowerment Category at the Equal Employment Opportunities Trust Diversity Awards 2015