The Civil Infrastructure – Future of Work project is a Connexis-led project partnering with industry to create a clear and coordinated pathway into the Civil infrastructure industry to help scale up the workforce.

The project undertook to review the Infrastructure Works Level 2 and Level 3 industry training programmes with significant support, ideas, and feedback from industry representatives from large, medium, and small-size companies to ensure that the outcomes are those that employers are looking for. The project working group also included polytechnic trade representatives to enable coordination between the trade academies, campus and on-job training options in order to meet the needs of employers and industry within local communities.

A key deliverable of the review was the development of learning and assessment resources that are practical in nature and utilise real-world environments where possible.

project outcomes

The new Infrastructure Works Level 2 and Level 3 programmes support your trainees by providing them with the knowledge and skills required, as identified by the industry. They provide confidence to those employing new staff in the Civil infrastructure industry.

Learning is now delivered digitally through the Connexis Learning Management System (LMS) and the Totara mobile app. Learning can be downloaded in the app and viewed offline so your trainee can learn anywhere and anytime.

Workplace managers/trainers, registered assessors, and Connexis Customer Service Account Managers can have access to Totara via an online browser to see trainee progression and provide support to trainees where required.

Assessments have also been redesigned to cater to a wider range of learning styles, being less dependent on writing through the use of photos and video as evidence of work experience gained on the job.

The structure of these programmes is new and is based on courses, to ensure that similar skills can be learnt and assessed at the same time.  Courses are individual unit standards grouped by the skills covered.

NZC in Infrastructure Works Level 2

This programme serves as the entry point into the Civil infrastructure industry, providing the practical skills and knowledge you value in your new employees.

The courses in this programme are as follows:

  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Care
  • Working Safely and Responsibly
  • Workplace Professionalism
  • Maintaining and Using Tools and Small Machinery
  • Aggregates, Mixes, and Manual Excavation

For more information, including the individual unit standards featured in each course, view the product brochure below:

View the product brochure

NZC in Infrastructure Works Level 3 – Available June 2024

This programme works to build on the experience gained in the level 2 programme, broadening the skillset of your employees and preparing them for an apprenticeship or other further progression in their industry.

The structure of this 60-credit programme includes the following two compulsory courses, totaling 33 credits:

  • Safe Work Practices for Infrastructure Works
  • Environmental and Quality Outcomes in Infrastructure Work Operations

There are also 23 elective course options available, of which, 27 credits must be completed. These courses allow industry specialisation, while still covering essential standards and providing consistency of outcomes across New Zealand. The specialisations are:

  • Civil Works
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance/Water Reticulation
  • Bitumen Surfacing
  • Piling
  • Forestry Earthworks

For the full list of elective courses, including the individual unit standards, view the product brochure below:

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