The Civil Infrastructure - Future of Work project is being undertaken by Te Pūkenga Work Based Learning Subsidiary as it transitions into Te Pūkenga.

This project was identified to showcase a shared model of unified provision that includes work-based or on-job training and finding the interface points with on-campus and online delivery, in a seamless way.

The purpose of the project is to provide an opportunity for Civil Infrastructure tertiary education providers to partner with industry to create a clear and coordinated pathway into the civil construction industry to help scale up the workforce. In doing so, this will set up an integrated offering across the Te Pūkenga network which supports a national offering with regional/local delivery.

The overall objective is to integrate campus-based learning and work-based learning (WBL) into a national offering that provides accessibility and consistency across New Zealand.

The project will be governed by the following desired outcomes:

    1. Develop a structured pathway into a career in Civil Infrastructure, utilising the Infrastructure Works L2 + L3 programmes, through developing a national offering and utilising the WBL and ITP subsidiaries across Te Pūkenga to provide consistent and accessible delivery within New Zealand.
    2. Clearly align industry training investment to the apprenticeship pathway.
    3. Improve informed choice of all potential talent about construction careers, whilst also expanding the total talent pool by focusing on women, Maori, and Pasifika and those with disabilities.
    4. Provide a pathway for learners to obtain basic entry skills to enter the workforce, e.g. gaining a driver's licence. Develop a clear pathway for learners to achieve their basic skills requirements to enable them to employed onsite safely.
    5. Develop a national programme that can be delivered in a  consistent way at a local level.

Infrastructure qualifications are currently provided by Northland Polytechnic, Southern Institute of Technology, Tai Poutini Polytechnic, Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, Whitireia Community Polytechnic, Universal College of Learning (UCOL), Eastern Institute of Technology, and the WBL (Connexis).

Entry to industry requirements is creating a barrier to increasing the workforce at the scale required to meet demand. The industry is looking for a clear and coordinated path that steps employees into work and toward the apprenticeship pathway.

This page will provide regular updates on project progress, and we invite feedback from you on this project.

Proposed Te Pūkenga programme - NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 2) 41 credits

We are seeking feedback on the proposed Level 2 NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works programme.

Please follow the link below to a survey and let us know what you think of the programme. We would like to receive detailed feedback on it.

proposed course feedback survey

Level 3 subject areas

The project team would like to hear your thoughts on the subject areas to include in the programme leading to the award of the New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Work Level 3.

Feedback suggests at Level 3 the Infrastructure Works programmes need compulsory core learning (i.e. skills and knowledge relevant to all job roles) and elective pathways that allow learners working in different industries to learn skills and knowledge specific to their industry role.

Options for elective subject areas under consideration include:

  • Forestry Earthworks
  • Piling and Deep Foundations
  • Bitumen Surfacing
  • Civil Works
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance

Use the form below and tell us your thoughts on these subject areas.

    Please note: this form can take a little while to submit - so please be patient and only click "Submit" once. Thank you!

    1st December 2022 update – Important questions for stakeholders

    Please provide us with your thoughts on the three questions below using the feedback form directly after each question.

      Your Name:

      Contact Email:

      Question One: Work Ready
      We would love to know what you think new entrants to the industry need to have to enable them to be “work-ready”?

      Question Two: Profiles of graduates at Level 2
      The NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 2) states that graduates of this qualification will be able to:
      1. Apply knowledge of the health, safety, and environmental requirements to work safely and responsibly with others in an infrastructure works environment.
      2. Follow instructions and organisational procedures to perform basic infrastructure works activities.
      What skills and knowledge do you think are required to meet each of the graduate profile outcomes?”?

      Question Three: Profile of graduates at Level 3
      The NZ Certificate in Infrastructure Works (Level 3) states that graduates of this qualification will be able to:
      1. Apply health and safety procedures during work operations on infrastructure worksites.
      2. Follow work processes and procedures and comply with environmental and quality outcomes to complete infrastructure work operations.
      3. Complete infrastructure work operations to job specifications
      What skills and knowledge do you think are required to meet each of the graduate profile outcomes?

      Please note: this form can take a little while to submit - so please be patient and only click "Submit" once. Thank you!